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Noor Hisham


Dedicated and disciplined, he aids his charge to reach their destination.

“I drive my Principal to reach his destination on time, and make sure the vehicles are in good conditions.”

As a personal driver, Hisham ensures that his charge is safe in reaching the destination he wants to go to. The safety of his charge & his family are among his utmost priority when it comes to his line of work. At all times, he checks and guarantees the vehicles are always running in optimal condition for long or short trips. It is with this dedication, he is able to execute his work flawlessly.

Happy-go-lucky and humble, Hisham is the type of person one can count on as both an employee and as a friend. He is firm with his work and patient with those he befriends, lending his ear and dishing out sage advice when one needs to hear them.

“Dalam hidup tiada yang kebetulan'Semua adalah ketentuan darinya"

Noor Hisham
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