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Pop Art

Designed for the bold and defiant, Pop Art challenges the norm of muted colours that can make homes dull and uniform. It introduces a "retro futuristic" style that creates a less formal space.

Type A_V3-T1.jpg

Expressive and artistic.

Elevating commonplace objects to the level of artworks through a bright splash of colour for an explosion of energy.

What makes us special?

We create form & functionality.

We combine clever solutions to make the best our of any spatial limitations.

Type A_V2-T1.jpg
Type A_V1-T1.jpg

Ultimately, what makes something ‘pop’ is as much about attitude as anything else.


Fully furnished renovation package + ready tenants from RM15,000 within 15 days.


Sign up and join us at our mobile truck for refreshments and more information, or speak to our crew and consultants about your unit.

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