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how to Make my space bigger

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

1. Uncluttering the Zones The big way to make a room bigger comes down to the simplest one, which is to clean up the clutters. Less is more, and that applies heavily to your home. Less Mess means More Room

2. Mirror Magic

Mirrors can do wonders with your space. Its reflection will conjure an illusion of an expansive home. The bigger the mirror, the better!

3. Low furniture options

Furniture plays a significant role, considering they fill up the space. Going for furniture that is generally lower can help expand an area simply because it leaves more open space above

4. Brighten the Way

It is important to utilize or have a light source to shine certain areas, like corners of your home, to complete and transform the look of the entire room.

5. Light colors

Light or general neutral colors like grey or beige will help amplify the broadness of your space. This is due to the light reflection, making the area seem bigger.

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