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Eastern Oriental

This decor works melodically with a modern minimalist vibe, to create homes that feel peaceful, centred, clean and clear. An affinity with nature shines through in this style too, where greenery plays a vital role. 

DATIN TEOH_20-05__-1090.jpg

East Asian motifs.

Evoke an image of serenity and tranquil calm by ushering in harmony and balance.

DATIN TEOH_20-05__-1118.jpg

I feel at home when I am closer to nature.

DATIN TEOH_20-05__-1084.jpg
DATIN TEOH_20-05__-1098.jpg

Visual and Textural Balance.

A soothing backdrop that mimics scenic landscapes and reinterprets natural colors offers a relaxed and laid-back ambiance.


Fully furnished renovation package + ready tenants from RM15,000 within 15 days.


Sign up and join us at our mobile truck for refreshments and more information, or speak to our crew and consultants about your unit.

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