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About us

At IDeas Makeover, our vision has always been to be a One-Stop Platform provider, helping our investors with the A to Z’s of managing their investment property.

Our dedication is to provide hassle-free, full-fletch interior design and build services to help our investors increase the value of their property while providing insight on ways they should spend their hard-earned dollars to cater to the ever-changing rental market scene.

We do this by studying the area, going through demographics together with current market trends, working closely with industry pioneers to come up with affordable, clever, timeless yet low maintenance solutions for our investors to help draw in their tenants.


Our services to our investors do not conclude at the end of the renovation. We provide long-term property management services as a form of extending our gratitude to our clients for choosing us.

Our clients can now sit back and enjoy the returns of their property investment, knowing their investments are being taken care of by a group of industry professionals.

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Organizational Chart

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Project Management

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